What is CSP Foundation?

  • Singapore CSP Foundation strives to the blockchain technology service for global e-commerce industry, applies the blockchain technology to enhance the security, certificate during the transaction of e-commerce industry, as well as well reduce the transaction cost for both parties of e-commerce transaction.

    Through the continuous application in the blockchain e-commerce transaction, create CSPC to be the key certificate in the e-commerce field worldwide in the future. Currently on the base of initial strategic partner of CSPS in China, as the initial case of CSPC application, currently the Bookmark Shopping project has been successfully operated.

CSPC Commercial Ecology

  • The commercial ecology of CSPC is composed of Taoke industry alliance, users ecology, demanders platform and advertisement alliance. Through the collaboration and complementation between each alliance ecology, it creates the commercial ecology of CSPC.
    Through the high recognition of users, industries, demanders and advertisement launching party, take CSPC as the certificate record, as well as record, inspire and paid advertisement launching and the exchange of commodity. Link the entire commercial ecology with CSPC.

CSPC Commercial Ecology Distribution

Identity of User

Unity the points account, CSPC points transfer the real-time liquidation and settlement on the chain, which improves the operation efficiency.

Product Mode

C2M mode, directly connect the manufacturers and consumers, re-establish the chains for production, sales and service.

Flow Ecology

The method of multiple users cultivation and guidance, the independent, open and multi-level user access system

Points Mall

A platform for the commercial tenants to independently provide the products and marketing, for CSPC holders to perform the product purchase and exchange.

Digital Economy

Through the certificate community motivation, realize the benefits of multiple parties e.g. consumers, partners, manufacturers and platform etc.

Open Platform

Open the blockchain Taoke api interface, improve the blockchain bottom and decentralized application development tools

Bookmark Shopping

        Bookmark Shopping, as the initial implementation project of CSPC in China, its registration users have reached 430,000 until May, 2019. Currently the development of DAPP has been completed, and complete the closed beta and public beta in June, 2019, as well as launched each application market successively in July.
        Bookmark Shopping relies on CSPC to initially create the blockchian Taoke platform, as well as expand the user ecology and industrial ecology on the basis of CSPC. Bookmark Shopping creates the positive Taoke ecological alliance with CSPC, as well as performs the innovative reform to the development of industries and to the development of enterprises.

Implementation Roadmap

CSPC Team and Implementation Roadmap(2019-2020)

Chinese Shopping Platform

  • Officially release shopping platform white paper
  • Officially launche official first Taoke platform bookmarks
  • Launch A round of financing
2019 - Q2

Integral Mall

  • Official launch CSP mall in bookmark shopping App
  • Continue to carry out the operation promotion and function iteration of bookmark shopping App
  • Develop credits mall interface and SaaS marketing operation tool
2019 - Q3

Operating Tools

  • Release shopping SaaS marketing and operation tool
  • Continue to expand media platforms and merchant resources
  • Carry out community and brand incubation
2019 - Q4

Taoke Ecology

  • Build Taoke alliance ecology and introduce other Taoke platforms
  • Chinese Shopping platform upgraded to SWTC alliance sub-chain
  • Expand the platform flow ecology
2020 - Q2