Dream of Blockchain E-Commercial Taoke Platform Came True

Bookmark Shopping, as the China initial collaboration application project of CSP Foundation, its business is rapidly developed and widely recognized by the market.

On March 17, 2019, the domestic blockchain Taoke platform Bookmark Shopping held DAPP Conference and Strategic Financing Ecology Meeting in Baoding. CEO of Bookmark Shopping Hao Baowen announced at the meeting that they had obtained RMB 6 million that was jointly invested by the investor of Silicon Valley Venture Zhou Sha, Zhejiang Junhui Holdings and Angel Round Investment, as well as became the frontier explorer of practical application in the field of blockchain e-commerce.

Bookmark Shopping was founded in July, 2018, it is one Taoke platform that integrates the domestic e-commercial websites (Tmall, Taobao, JD, Pinduoduo etc.) for providing the discount coupon product with high cost performance for the users. Afterwards, the platform applies the blockchain technology to carry out the chain modification, performs the community motivation through the CSPC in the platform, as well as connects the different roles including manufacturers, Taoke platform, consumers, operators, partners, industrial experts etc. together to jointly establish the ecology, perform the brand incubation and develop one Taoke alliance community with mutual trust and benefit.
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