CSPC will be launched to BKEX on June 12th, 2019


Regarding Seed Incubator’s 4th Project CSPC

(1)Introduction: CSPC is the circulating right certificate that is issued based on SWTC public chain, aims to provide the right award for the participants and constructors in the Chinese Shopping Platform user operation service platform ecology community. The major service subjects include consumers, Taoke platform, partners, merchant clients and the other community construction service providers; in addition, in terms of the big data analysis results that are developed based on the original transaction information recorded on SWTC public chain, due to its tamper-resistance so as to guarantee the openness and transparency of data information.

(2)Basic Information of CSPC Project:

  • Symbol of token money: CSPC
  • Total amount of token money: 3.5 billion
  • Total amount of purchase: 700 million
  • Target value of Seed Incubator: 200,000 USDT
  • Purchase price of Seed Incubator: 1 CSPC=0.00288 USDT (subject to the Seed Incubator interface)
  • Transaction time: June 12th, 2019, 21:00 (Singapore time)


The rules of purchase participation are as below:

1.The purchase time is June 12th, 2019 10:00—12:01;

2.The currencies accepted by this purchase are BTC, ETH, USDT, BKK;  

3.The purchase order for the users who comply with the conditions will be treated equally prior to publishing the results;

4.During the purchase, the users’ account shall have the funds no less than the purchase amount or the digital currency of the same value;

5.Each person shall only use one account. If identifying any behavior of violating the rule, we will cancel its eligibility of participation, and return the fund; 

6.The users are able to use different digital assets to purchase, each kind of digital asset shall only be used for purchase once in the same session;

7.Prior to the users publish the purchase result on the platform, please ensure there is corresponding sufficient currency balance in the account. If the corresponding currency balance is not sufficient, which will cause the deduction of users to be failed and the purchase to be invalid; 

8.After the purchase is completed in the same day, the system will make statistics for all purchase orders that comply with the conditions, and publish the purchase results prior to launching on line; 

9.The users of restricted registration countries will not participate in this purchase. 


Note: The deduction amount for different currencies shall be converted into USDT for calculation as per the price during deduction.


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